Pocket Monsters

11:17 AM

Image by Zaitsu

It's been a little more than forever since I last watched an episode of Pokémon. Same goes for the game. I went to satisfy my Pokémon craving by listening to the Pokérap, when something caught my eye...

He's just so awesome. I think he sounds better than the original rap. I can see why they were so intent on changing it to the one they used for North America.

On a different note, I don't think I've ever watched an episode of Pokémon in Japanese. It's always been the dubs for Kenn...

But I do know a bit about it.

Kasumi (Misty) = Tsundere
Haruka (May) = Big boobs
Hikari (Dawn) = Loli

Hikari doesn't really look loli, but keep in mind that Satoshi (Ash) is like...18 by the time he reaches the Sinnoh. Hikari is only 10, which puts her in with the rest of the lolis. Oh, and Haruka is 10 when Satoshi's in the Hoenn region, while he's 14. That's some bust size for a 10 year old. I don't think Kasumi can compare, even with the 8 year time gap.

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