A Day with Kenn 6

5:47 PM

Image by tafuto

Been a while since I've done one of these, but then again, it's also been a while since I did anything worth blogging about.

Woke up to not-fun-sounding strong winds whipping at the door and window. Scary sounding. Even scarier knowing that I'm going to have to be out there. Being dead tired didn't help either. Thankfully the rain and wind died down when I left. Actually, they just died. No rain or wind when I left.

Speaking of dying, there's a dead rat lying at the side of the sidewalk on the my way to the bus stop. Not a fun sight.

On the topic of rats, on the bus today, I spotted a crow trying to catch one. It was a little brown mouse or something like that running away from the crow, which was swooping down on it again and again. Nice to see crows going back to their natural methods of getting food, instead of rummaging through human trash.

Criminology was rather uneventful. Seem that I'm a class ahead in reading. Still need to finish making my notes to study for the midterm, which is in a month. Not fun. Criminology isn't as fun as Law 12 was. Maybe it was just the teacher (Mr. Fister was awesome).

Fact: Kenn is slowly killing himself.

After school food.  I guess you could call it lunch. Burger King. I discovered that more than a week of eating very little will cause your appetite to shrink by quite a bit. Couldn't finish this plate.

Whoppers taste much better with lots of Sriracha...so do the fries.

Anywho, my main machine (Windows XP) uses the voices of all five of the new girls! My laptop still uses Madobe Nanami (can't beat her), and in terms of usage, it's only natural that my main machine takes five girls to maintain. xD

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