A Day with Kenn 2

2:42 AM

Image by nardack

Not much happened on Saturday, though I'll refer to Saturday as 'today' throughout the post.

Prof for Criminology called, saying that she might be able to fit me into the class. It's great that I'm in, but I'm somewhat apprehensive about the course. Everyone takes it, yes, but I'm a bit worried I'll bomb the course. Anyways, she said that she'd call people on Wednesday and Thursday to notify the people on the waitlist (like me) if there was space for them or not. I missed Friday's class because I didn't get a call. I swear the fates hate me.

Moving along to lunch. It's my lunch, noodle stir fry. Again, still using the ham that's been lying around. Yes, it's the same ham that I've been putting into my sandwiches. It should be gone by now. All the red stuff is Sriracha (refer to post 'Number 1') . Quite tasty.

Now, we fast forward to the evening, where I headed out with my cousin to our restaurant down in Richmond. There were seven people in our team, though it quickly was reduced to five. We were to repaint part of the restaurant. It's much harder than it sounds. Ceilings are a bitch to paint. Excuse my language, but it's true. They're not fun. There were seven people in our team, though it quickly was reduced to five. This part is also what makes the image at the top relevant to the post.

We had to sand down parts of the dry wall, then tape up parts that shouldn't be painted. After that we just kept going. Most of us normally don't get to go behind the scenes at restaurants, but it can pretty sketchy in places that people don't see. Anywho, painted a hallway, a backroom that no one ever sees or cares about, and the kitchen, which is off limits to customers. We'll eventually get to the rest...maybe.

Got paint all over my hands and arms. It's a real pain to wash off after it dries. You could peel it off, though it hurts a bit, and doesn't seem to warrant the same results as washing it off does.

Anywho, that's it for today. Probably not going to do one for Sunday.

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