From Windows 7

9:28 AM

Image by Microsoft

Hey guys, on the laptop again. Haven't been using it recently, no real reason to. Anywho Microsoft had a promotion for a month (ended today) where you had to put keywords into their search engine, Bing. Each time you put keywords in, a meter went up. At 50% they'd give a present, and at 100% they'd give a special present. Knowing Japan's users, they reached 100% in no time. Result is after the jump.

Yes, that is my desktop. And so are the next five. The five Bing girls. Which one is your favourite? Mine is split between ナナ & ナナコ. These five are different and seperate from Madobe Nanami, the special character bonus for Windows 7. They all have 'ナナ' in their name, referring to 7, of Windows 7. ^^; The Nanami you see down below isn't the same Nanami as this Nanami.






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