A Day with Kenn 13

8:03 PM

Image by chichiruchiru  

Haha, don't expect this to be very interesting. No class today (who has classes on Sunday?). You could say that it's a lazy sunday, though I'm not sure if it was very lazy for me.

Nom nom nom breakfast. Fried rice noodles. The unappetizing thing at the back of the bowl is a slice of a sticky rice thing. There's celery something else and fried egg in the bowl with the noodles.

My lunch. I guess that this is a better photo, eh? Same thing as breakfast, though this time it's ladled with a dollop of hoisin sauce and sriracha. Quite tasty with that combo. Oh, and black pepper is there too.
I guess these are dates with limes. Not actually sure what they are because there's no English anywhere on the package. They're tasty as heck though. Been snacking on these all day. =3=

Dinner. Fried rice. Breakfast was fried rice noodles, this is fried rice. ^^; Also quite tasty, though I have to say that the lack of anything other than rice probably made this a rather empty meal...

On the other hand, had a look at the lastest chapter of Medaka Box.


Read the chapter for more details.

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