A Day with Kenn 10

11:11 PM

Image by Rei

Alrighty, so not all too much happened today, mainly because I only had one class =3=.

Breakfast. I actually don't know the name of it. We usually refer to it as bún which is a general term that refers to the noodles used I think. It's got barbecued pork, cucumbers, lettuce, the noodles (of course) and is topped with a dollop of nước mắm (fish sauce), and Sriracha. Tasty, though I get the feeling it might've been better if I had warmed up the meat and noodles a tiny bit.

After lunch I had this. It's a small piece of the whole thing, and I wasn't really sure what it was. Not sure what you'd call it, since the packaging didn't give a name other than the company.  I know that it's supposedly a Korean dessert, though a tad bit old. On a wild guess, I'd say it's 찌는 떡 (steamed ddok). Couldn't tell what the white part was, though I have to say that it was kind of dry and tasteless. I'm pretty sure those are azuki and mung beans on top. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Lunch for Kenn. Haven't had dinner yet. Actually, this probably doubles as my dinner. It's rice with stir-fried vegetables. If memory serves me correct, there are tomatoes, celery, cauliflower, soy beans, and ground beef thrown in to the mix. Don't forget the Sriracha. Love that stuff. From the looks of it, all I need to do is have some ramen for dinner, and I've just had a pan asian day. Vietnamese breakfast, Korean for dessert, Chinese for lunch, and Japanese for dinner. Dude, I am too cool.

On another note, I've got another blog running. There won't be interesting updates, or even blog updates at all on it. It's my testing grounds for all the various things I want to implement on this blog, so I don't screw around with what I already have. You can see it here. Very different from this, though I'm still in the processes of working with it.

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