Winter Season in a nutshell

7:23 PM

I've gotten through the third episode of most of the Winter series. Now for a brief run down of them. Not too many compared to previous seasons. Next season is similar.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

A fun series for sure. It says in the title 「バカ」, so the level of stupidity that some of the characters display shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Hideyoshi doesn't hurt either.

Chu-Bra!! (or Let's Educate People About Women's Underwear While Having Fun)

I have to say, this is probably one of the first times that エッチ (ecchi) has been not sexy. I can't say I really enjoyed the first three episodes too much...but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. By the way, the title (and the title I gave it) should pretty much explain what the series is about.

Durararararararara (Sorry, I stuttered)

Well, I've only watched the first two episodes, but hey, that's all I need to tell me that it should be good. Episode 2 was essentially episode 1 from a different perspective, but 'twas still good. Watch it.

Hanamaru Youchien

It's diabetes in anime form. The amount of cuteness shouldn't be underestimated. It'll make even the toughest man's nutbladder go HNGGGG. The ending changes every episode, so it's always fresh! It's got some amazing staff members, so I'm expecting to love this one all the way through.

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

The first two episodes don't have a completed opening. It showed up in episode three though. I'll let that finish the rest of my explanation.

Ladies vs Butlers!

Well, it's not bad, although the characters do seem to be missing noses. If it wasn't for that retarded maid, I would've liked the first two episodes more. Episode three didn't have the retarded maid, so it was much more enjoyable. ドリル Flameheart is one half of the lead girl pair, and she went from irritating, to quite fun in three episodes.

 Nodame Cantabile Finale

Sorry. I couldn't seem to get a shot of the title without something blocking something. The best one I got, but that sixteenth note pair covers the last character in Finale. I've only watched the first episode...but it seems that, like last season, they seem to be cutting parts of the manga out? Hopefully they won't stray too far from the manga.

Omamori Himari

Hm. I get the feeling that the character designs are a bit off for some reason. Maybe it's the colours and stuff, but watching it just irks me for some reason. Anywho, not too bad so far, though things will most definitely heat up in a few episodes or so, if they stick to the manga material. I worry about the later episodes and censorship though...

Ookami Kakushi

Well, they certainly know something that we don't. Certainly is creepy sometimes. Giving me ひぐらし vibes. Not sure where this one'll go but I'm liking it so far. Both the opening and endings are great by the way.
Seikon no Qwaser (or With Censorship Like This, We Hope That You All Buy the DVDs For The Director's Cuts)

Well, er, I haven't watched the uncensored version yet, but I'm sure it makes much more sense. The censored version had unnatural zooms, background and random still shots for censorship, rather than the usual black or white streaks or blobs. A lot of the parts they censored makes it hard to tell what's really going on...And those boobs. Holy shit, I stopped watching Queen's Blade because the amount of fanservice was just too much. But those boobs in Qwaser are absolutely ridiculous. I'm not talking about the milk or whatever. Tomo's breasts are just like...Godzilla sized, with equally ridiculous physics. Can't see myself keeping this on my watch list.


Well, for something that looks so similar to K-ON, it's certainly got a different feel to it. Lots of questions are left to be answered, and Kanata still can't play her bugle. She didn't seem to inherit her lookalike's natural talent for music. Anyways, it's been pretty good, so I'll keep it on my watch list.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Well, er, Mina's boobs aren't quite as attractive as other the pair that other loli's sport. Could they have animated the series riding on the sudden explosion of popularity of Vampires, no thanks to Twilight? Who knows, but it's not terrible. They're taking a bit of a different route to the manga, with the permission of the mangaka himself. Not sure if that's the best thing to do, considering it only has 12 episodes...In three episodes, we've seen Akira in action once, and Mina in action twice. Here's to the hope that the story will get on track next episode!

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