A Day with Kenn 4

9:30 PM

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Yes, another day with Kenn. Feeling...not so great. Though, if there was girl like Mio by my side right now, I think I'd feel a lot better. Not in the way you're thinking, of course.

Had nausea since breakfast. Not fun. I'm thinking it's stress related, though I'm not too sure. A visit to the doctor might be the best idea. 

So today would be my first 'official' class of Criminology. Last time I was simply showing up to try and secure a place in the class. I missed Friday's class because I didn't receive a call telling me whether I was in or not, and I had talked to a few people in the choir, and they said that I probably didn't get in. So I didn't go. Well, gosh be darned, the next day I got the call. No real biggy...somewhat.

Anywho, today's crim. class was all about Canadian Law, a topic that was thoroughly talked about in Law 12 (which I did last year, if you remember this and this). Unfortunately, today and Friday's class are the only times we'll be dealing with Canadian Law in the course. No advantage for me.

After filling out a form, getting it signed, and turning it in to the Registrar's office, I had an hour to kill before my composition class. So what better way to spend an hour productively, than doing writing music I should have done over the winter break?

Yes, that's what I did. In the Library I sat, for an hour, scribbling down notes, transposing and all that wonderful fun stuff only a music student would understand. My composition prof is the same composition teacher I've been studying with since October, so the class was nothing really new. Heck, the room we used was the same room that I used to practice for my audition. I remember this because there's some pretty funny writing on the wall.

Anywho, after composition, I headed home, as my nausea kicked in high gear. Had to walk around Phibbs Exchange for a while to let my nausea subcede a bit. Didn't want to puke my guts out on the lap of the person sitting beside me. The 130 is certainly a long ride, not something you really want to ride when you're that close to losing what little food is in your system, though it's long ride makes it ideal for sleeping, which I did. Same with the 430, which takes me home, though the ride is shorter, and if I missed my stop, I'd be taken down to Richmond, which wouldn't be too fun.

'Twas my day. Don't expect one tomorrow. I only have one class, and that's at night.

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