A Day with Kenn

6:58 PM

Image by nai-tech

Alrighty. My second day in the CapU Festival Chorus. Friday meets are an hour long, compared to Wednesday meets, which span two hours.

Brunch for Kenn. Fried noodles (chow mein), and a Vietnamese spring roll. the spring roll has tofu, carrots, vermicelli,and other things that I can't remember. Tasty, though not exactly filling.

Dubula was one of the songs we practiced today in Choir. No dancing though, although Laars told us that we'd eventually have to incorporate the dancing after we memorized the words.

It's a Xhosa folk song from South Africa, so the lyrics are fairly difficult to memorize, though it's very repetitive, meaning that there aren't all that many lines in total. It does, however, have da capo and da capo al fine everywhere, making the song much longer than it looks.

It's a fun song though. And if you're wondering, I'd be singing the bass line, so listen for the lower parts, as they'd be the parts that I'd be doing.

The other song we practiced today. The Jabberwocky, in reference to Lewis Caroll's Alice in the Looking Glass. It's a fun song with fun words, though the slides are difficult for a non-vocalist like me. Again, I'm in the bass, which is one of the easiest to sing as, since you're singing the harmony, rather than the melody. It sounds cool too.

My dinner was very average, so I didn't bother shooting it. I did have something interesting though. My dad called it 'sweet rice', and it really does live up to it's name. It has a bit of a sweet taste though I find it a bit sour too. It's not like sticky rice, as each grain is independent of the other, like risotto. I can't each too much of it. Can't take it's unique flavour.

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