A Day with Kenn 11

5:28 PM

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Alright, so no classes on Thursday, so there's not much to blog about. Threw in a little something to take up some space.

Breakfast. Rice, some pork ribs of some sort, cucumbers, little Mandarin oranges, and a nice cup of Taiwanese black tea. Tasty, filling, and warm. Perfect for those cold, dreary mornings.

Lunch for Kenn. It's snack bread. Or at least that's what it says on the box. On the left, it's topped with margarine, and cheese. On the right, the one on top has bananas and Nutella, while the one of the bottom has Peanut butter that's been sitting in the fridge for god knows how long, and bananas. 

Not feeling too well after eating that peanut butter one. Not sure how old that peanut butter was.

Anywho, haven't had dinner yet, and I'm pretty sure phở is on the menu tonight. 

Here's the 'little thing I threw in to take up space'.

Waaaay back in the days, before Mp3 players were around, before the first iPod came out, I had this: a portable CD player. I used it before I got my first mp3 player years ago, and when I had it, Mp3 players did exist, contrary to what I said in the first sentence. It's become pretty obsolete now that I had the iTouch.

Ahh, Hit Clips. Anyone remember this? It's idea was cool...at the time at least. And of course, that time was around 2001 or something like that. Was around the time the Back Street Boys and N'Sync were at their peak of their popularity. It's sound quality was absolutely terrible, but at the time, it was awesome because of it's size compared to a lot of the other music players back then.

This suggestive looking thing was my first Mp3 player. It had about 64mb of data capacity, and lasted me a year or two. Used it back when I just got into anime, so much of the music was from either Bleach or Naruto. ^^; Quite embarassing looking back at it now.

Huzzah. First iPod. Also, the first iPod...I think. Compared to my Mp3 player, this thing could hold my entire computer for all I knew. 20GB compared to 64MB. Yeah, that's a real difference. Plus the sound quality was so much better than the cheap Mp3 player. I guess I used this four to five years ago. My, how technology has changed. ^^;

I lost my iPod or something, because I started using my PSP (fat one), as a music player. Couldn't hold too many songs on this. Had to keep room on the memory stick for games. Sound quality wasn't bad though. Huge for a music player, though having the games didn't hurt in class.

Compared to the PSP, this thing is tiny. Got it during grade 11 (I remember this because of all the antics that happened during that project, which I've lost all the photos of). Yeah, I realize that it's upside down. Was on sale at Visions, across the street. Stopped by what was once a Buns Master bakery (also across the street) for a lucky penny, 'pepperonya' roll, and other baked foods. Inside joke...kinda.
Still use the Shuffle every now and then. Often on long trips as a backup for when the Touch dies.

Finally, this is what I use now. It's the iPad Nano! I kid. It's an iTouch. We've probably just spanned almost 10 years of technology right there. xD

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