6:42 PM

Picture unrelated to CCFC.

It's my breakfast from a few days ago. Ham and lettuce wedged in between to waffles.

CCFC. Need I say more?

 The folder for the festival choir looks like this. 'Black Folder' is literally it's name. The strap you see at the bottom of it is to keep it from opening too wide.

 Bad photo. But that's one of the pieces we sing. Using the black folder, you can keep the pages open like that, making it easy to read from.

There's quite a few pieces in the folder.
From the center, going clockwise: O, My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose, Dubula, The Battle of Jericho, Sure on This Shining Night, Jabberwocky, Fauré Requiem.

The Fauré Requiem is the major work for this semester.
It's in latin (mass). Quite a famous work.

I've been put in the position of first bass, so I'd be singing the bottom notes of the score.

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