Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 御兄誘拐

9:40 AM

Image by Sunday31

There's a few vids this time around, so I put them after the jump. Plus they're a bit on the sketchy side, if ya know what I mean. Correct the Japanese if it's wrong please.

k625.blogspot.com does not support the ideas that are portrayed the in following works. Please remember that kidnapping is a crime in most countries

御兄誘拐 (Onii Yuukai / Older Brother Kidnapping)

By Chanagi-P. If you recognize the melody, that's because it's using Meltdown's melody, by Iroha. xD PV by Maroyan. English subs by Arklung.

Rin has a brother complex, Miku is a sadist, and Luka gots them heats for Kaito. Speaking of Kaito, he became a man in that vid if you know what I mean.

ロリ誘拐 (Loli Yuukai / Young Girl Kidnapping) - Ren

ロリ誘拐 (Loli Yuukai / Young Girl Kidnapping) - Gakupo

Ren and Gakupo's take on the kidnapping songs. Everybody now! Release your inner lolicon! This one's probably more dangerous than Onii Yuukai. There's also a Kaito version of the song, though I like Ren and Gakupo's better. Ren's PV is better.

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