Manga of ze Week - 学園アリス

10:07 AM

=3= Next week's will be better.

Title: 学園アリス, Gakuen Alice, Alice Academy
Author: Higuchi Tachibana
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Serialized in: Hakusensha Hana to Yume
Total Volume Count: 21 (ongoing)
Licensed by: Tokyopop (8 volumes, ongoing)

Summary from Tokyopop:
Young Mikan runs away to Tokyo to follow her best friend, Hotaru, who has been enrolled in an exclusive, secretive private school for geniuses. But it turns out that Alice Academy is a lot more than meets the eye. If Mikan wants to stay by Hotaru's side, she has to both pass the strange "entrance exam" and face the even greater challenge of befriending her very odd new classmates. Whether it's Hotaru's gift for inventing gadgets, the cranky Natsume's fire-casting ability, or Professor Narumi's control of human pheromones, everyone at the school has some sort of special talent. But what ability, if any, does Mikan possess? Mikan is going to have to rely on her courage and spunk if she's going to stay in school, or even stay alive!

Kenn's Comment: =3= Sometimes, I really just want to nuke that school. =3= Higuchi Tachibana kinda made it somewhat obvious that a certain person was Mikan's mother, with all the hints dropped. =3= The manga is pretty good though, the different arcs have quite different feelings to them. Lots of drama, and a good dollop of comedy. Romance thrown into the mix, in a bowl of supernatural. =3= Pretty much what it's like. The later chapters are quite drama heavy. The anime covers the first 6 volumes.

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