Number One

5:23 PM

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Number one V.I.P. yo. All yous peeps got nothing on me's.

Unintelligent speech aside, today would be my first class at a post secondary institution, hence the title 'Number One'.

Aights so anyway yo, today be my first class up at Cap as a student. The bus ride was long and bunk yo. An hour and a half, four transfers, going across the city. A real winding trail; the 28 cut a winding path through burnaby before crossing the bridge over Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver, where I had to transfer again to get up to the university. Unsurprisingly, 99% of the people on that bus were going up to the university.

Got there a half hour before my class started, so I decided to go ask some questions at the music office where I got directions and what not. I've been there before so it was nice to know that the building don't move around. From there I went to scout out the room of the class, since the Student Card services was in the same building. Got my student ID and U-Pass. A bit of a lineup, burned it to the last minute. Got to class maybe one or two minutes early, but the prof couldn't get the door open, so we had to wait til a security guard came to open it.

Now, up until now, starting a new high school course has been a bit easier because there'd always be someone I knew in the course, and I mean always. I was prepared to not know a single person in the class, but when I sat down, scanning the room, realizing that I was probably the youngest and dumbest person in the class, I felt my heart sink a bit.

I'm doing the diploma of music program at CapU, and electives (non-music courses) are usually only available for second year students. I'm an exception (my grades are that good, not), so it's little wonder why I would be in the younger bottom of the class. I probably got myself into a bucket of crap, because Criminology already seems pretty hard. I think my cousin might have taken it, so I'll ask him if I have any questions.

Anywho, class was spent talking about what criminology was, going over the course outline, and signing up for group topics. Class was over after that. I went to look for the bookstore, to find a long line up leading to the door. I didn't have any cash on me, but I wanted to know how much the book costed so that I could come another day to grab it. Holy shit it's expensive. $100. It's not very big either. I'm still on the wait list too. Don't know if I'm in the course until tomorrow. Ugh.

Anywho, after feeling my wallet being emptied before it was even full, I left and headed home. Missed my stop twice, and ended up walking a fair distance before I could find a stop for the bus I wanted. Spent the ride home playing Zenonia on the Touch.

Resetted my skills and stats. Now I'm a super assassin. Plus, I'm following the evil path, much to my dismay.

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