Marketing Block Mayhem / Afterschool Antics Compliment

4:09 PM

Image by eibaachan

I found the url to our old Marketing blog from last year. Accurately speaking, it'd be from two years ago, since it died in 2009. Rest in peace.

No one deleted it, probably because none of us remember the user or pw for it anymore, but because of that, I can share it with you all! Yes, I know, I'm making it sound like I actually have readership.

The blog was made for better communication between the blocks. We had 8 blocks in school, and 12 students in Marketing Management, so that resulted in  four pairs, and four solos.

We'd 'blog' about what we did and what still needed to be done. For some people (like me), we used the blog to push work on the next block, or to waste time. Much of the time, there wasn't much to do, as we'd finish what was left for us in no time. So we'd have weird, wacky and random posts.

Thank god the teacher never looked at the blog (or so we thought), because we had a little more than too much fun with it.

Haha. Enjoy reading our quirky posts. Oh and don't bother commenting on that blog. I don't remember the pw or user, and it hasn't been updated since last year. But it's a good addition to reading Marketing blog Mayhem and Afterschool Antics. Really lets you feel like you're part of the action!!

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