Number 1

1:41 PM

Image by Rachi K

Number 1. First post from my mobile machine (laptop). Some of you might remember that I got this machine on boxing day after a lengthy wait in the frigid outdoors. I don't use it that much, since I'm usually at home, but I often use for my PS3 gaming purposes. Allows me to use msn, and have access to maps and stuff that I used to use my iTouch for.

I'm running Windows 7 on it, using the Madobe Nanami Theme. She's so cute. She doesn't talk as much as you think, so it's not it doesn't get on your nerves real quick. It's a nice change from the cold and silent machine back in my room, but don't get me wrong. I like my computer too.
Anywho, that's part of this post. My first post shall be Breakfast with Kenn

A nice sandwich and coffee. Again, you can't see it, but I'm watching Seto no Hanayome there.

Sandwich has ham (leftovers from Christmas =="), lettuce, and cheese. Condiments are mustard, relish and Sriracha. Was very tasty, and yes, I made it myself. Coffee was terrible though. I use instant coffee, and the coffee we have at the moment isn't very good.

Yes, it's the first day of school for me, but I don't really have any classes until tomorrow, so I'm good. I have to go up to the school to sort things out, but I'm gonna be there tomorrow anyways, so I figured I'd just do everything while I'm there. Takes an hour and half to get there by bus. Four transfers to get across the city, over the Burrard Inlet and up to the campus. Sounds fun.

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