A Day with Kenn 3

6:57 PM

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A crane fly made it's way back into my room. Luring it to lights didn't seem to help, so I ended up having to slay it. 'Twas last night though.

Woke up to gray skies and pouring rain.

Had an appointment at the bank, so I had to get up earlier than I would've had. So tired. Took two hours, set up a bank account for myself, go put through an Online Banking tutorial, and so did my mom. Anywho, hightailed it back home, as I had classes to get to soon.

Keith hopped on the bus I was on and woke me up. Seems like he's got a rough schedule. "It's like we go to school at 9 and go home at 9." Sounds fun bro.

Today was the first day of my PMI courses for piano. I wouldn't call it...scary, but rather, I'd say it was quite a bit different from what I'm used to. Rudy's nice and all, but his expectations are quite a bit higher than my previous music teacher's. Also, he's a better pianist than my previous teacher, so my playing abilities come under more scrutiny that it usually did.

Anywho, after the class, I went and bought my Crim textbook. T3T Good bye, $100.

Hopped on a bus and headed for Metro to kill some time. Picked up World War Z (Max Brooks), and Keroro volume 17. The criminology thing is my textbook. = =" That thing is really heavy. Grabbed a bite to eat at the food court before heading home.

My wonderful wall of memo(ry)s.  My folks don't let me tack things on the wall, or stick a bulletin board or whatever up in my room, so this is what I've resorted to to have memos. Anything that isn't yellow is stuck to the wall using Blu-Tack. Anything yellow is a Post-It. Going from left to right: time table for classes, rehearsal schedule for choir, timing and whatnot for a small project I worked on many moons ago, Post-Its with times for classes and what I need to finish by next week, and finally the bank appoint memo for me. There's another post it, but it's got addresses on it, so I cut it out.

Been feeling really sick these days. Can't put food down into my stomach without puking my guts out. Might be the stress of school, or maybe my time has finally come?

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