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Well, being an early 90's kid, I've gone through a few gaming consoles out there. I've lived with my cousins my whole life, so we'd share consoles, to get the best of both worlds.

Before I talk about my gaming stuff and technology through the years, I'll talk a bit about my parents. If you remember, my parents (and aunt and uncle) run a new restaurant here in Vancouver, and down in Richmond. They meet a lot of people running the business, and every now and then, they meet someone quite interesting. They've met more than a few notable new anchors, and recently, the son of a person in a position of power. He gave them his dad's business card.

^^; It's not often you get a business card from Japan here in Vancouver. No clue where Nishihara-cho is, but I do know where Okinawa is. ^^; Was quite surprised when my parents showed me the card.

And now, back to the technology.

This was probably the first gaming console I played on. Yes, I'm that old. I played on a classic, retro Game Boy before, though I never owned one. I remember playing Snow Bros. with my cousin way back in the day. Fun times.

Probably the first gaming console I owned. Got this for my birthday in grade two I think. ^^; My faovurite games were Pokemon Puzzle League, Super Smash Bros. (the very first one), and Mario Cart 64. This was during the height of Pokemon's popularity, so I also owned a few Pokemon games with it, including Pokemon Stadium (to go along with my GB Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow), Pokemon Snap (so fun, so fun), and Hey you! Pikachu! (cutting edge technology at the time).It eventually broke down and disappeared. ^^;

While I had my N64, my cousin went along the Sony route, and owned the PSone. Played a lot on it,memorable games include Vanguard Bandits, The Legend of Dragoon, and Crash Bandicoot.
My cousin upgraded to a PS2, while I went to the Game Boy Advanced.

This bad boy lasted me a long time. From grade five to grade nine I think. Had lots of games for this one. ^^; Enjoyed the Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Final Fantasy games especially. It's definitely seen better days, and I didn't move onto the DS, going to the Sony's PSP from here.
It was around the time I got the Game Boy Advanced that I got my second computer. My first computer kinda died, though it was way back when I was a total idiot. ^^; Didn't know the ins and outs of computers very well.

Not quite sure where my first computer went, but this one is my second one. It lasted me a few years. I remember playing Maple Story on it. I think it was the first computer that I watched anime on, though I'm debating whether I can truly call Bleach and Naruto anime. It died at the hands of my sister. Not quite sure what she did, but she did something that fried it's insides. ^^; It's now been reduced to a nice piece of furniture.

After my second computer got fried, I got this bad boy. I have to say, this guy lasted me a long time. Okay, so another few years, but I went through a whole lot of crap with this thing. I started my descent into Otaku-dom, and I started Ragnarok Frontier on this machine. Not sure where I'd be right now if I hadn't met the people I did on RF. ^^;  The laptop took a few falls, and stopped working properly. It sits in my closet, patiently waiting for the day it gets revived...

I got my PSP a little after I got my laptop. As you can see, it's now missing it's circle button after it fell out somewhere, so I can't really use it anymore. This guy's got a whole lot of memories etched into it, especially Monster Hunter. All that hunting is probably one of the causes of the circle button's failure.


Got this computer so that I wouldn't always be on a laptop. ^^; Was a bit reluctant to move over to a desktop PC, as I'd have to transfer a crap load of files. After a few hitches, this machine is running fine. ^^; The one I currently use. It's not very impressive, though it serves it's purposes. I still played RF on this machine in it's earlier days. Not for very long though.

After the circle button on my 'fat' PSP fell out, I went ahead and got myself a PSP Slim. I like the Piano Black colour better, but I was buying from a friend of my brother, so I didn't have too much of a choice. ^^; This one's still going strong.

Back in October, you might remember that I made a post about buying a PS3. Well it's still here, and I've gotten another game or two. Ugh. Demon's Soul. I've made lots and lots of progress on it, but ugh. Was too lazy to get a picture of the Wii, so I'll include it's story here. I got it well before I got my PS3 and second PSP. My sister mainly plays on it now because the games take less than normal amounts of thinking. Wii Sports, Wii Restort, and some crappy looking carnival game thing.

My most recent tech purchase. I suppose the reason is reverse of the reason I got the desktop PC. I'll probably be using this for composition and school. At the moment, I mainly use it for it's portability. ^^; Can't bring my PC out into the room where the PS3 is, so I use the laptop.

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