A Day with Kenn 9

6:08 PM

Image by kantoku

I'd be lying if I said today was interesting.
I'd also be lying if I said that this post was going to be interesting.

In a nutshell, nothing happened today, unless you count a truck nearly hitting the bus I was on. Love how I play down the fact that I might have just had a brush with death.

Anywho, the day started out like any other university or collage student's. Getting up early in the morning, catching a bus and whatnot. Had to stand for a good bit of the ride on the 25. Though I'm thankful I got a seat before a close call with a truck.

The rest of the ride was dull, so I'll skip forward to after all my classes. The got a bit motion sick on the ride back, as I was playing on the PSP. The game I was playing will be on a 'Currently Playing...' feature later.

Bought lunch (again), and headed home.

Doesn't that look tasty? Mixed vegetables, fried rice, and sweet & sour pork. Classic Chinese fast food dish. Probably not the best for me, though probably better than McD's, BK or A&W.

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