A Day with Kenn 8

5:49 PM

Image by Minakata Sunao

=3= On the road four times as long as I was in class today.

Short one today, because nothing happened.

Yeah. Only one class, piano, today. Hour long class, while it takes an hour and a half one way. One round trip takes approximately an hour and half, throw in the wait for a 430 at the Metro loop and if I'm unlucky, it might be an hour and fifty minutes.

Anywho, placed an order for Keroro Gunsou volume 16 at Sakura Media, and the Cyanide and Happiness book at Chapters. Total cost was $16.79. Chapters doesn't have a store to store service like Sakura Media does. Hope that the two books come at the same time. ^^" It'd make it easier to remember. Must remember to keep $15 aside for Keroro.

Note to self: find a new piece for piano. "orz

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