A Day With Kenn 7

5:21 PM

Image by Toi8

I gave a bit of a spoiler in the Song of the Week post. More details later.

Lunch from a few days ago. Forgot to put it up when I had it.
Photo turned out much much better than I thought it would. Almost as good as the sandwich tasted. It's a WBLT with Cheese. Waffle Bacon Lettuce Tomato avec le fromage (with cheese). It was so good, but at the same time, so small ;o;

Anywho, I brought my laptop up to Capilano today. My bag was very full today; Criminology and Composition binders, Criminology textbook, a water bottle, and my laptop. It weighed in at a whopping 9kg (20 lbs.). Walking up hill wasn't a tad bit difficult because of the odd distribution of weight. I could feel myself accelerating at 9.8 m/s down that hill.

Criminology wasn't that bad. Class activities kept things fairly lively. After class, I was faced with a three hour gap between Criminology and Choir. Headed down to the library where I turned on the laptop, and started writing some music! Sorta.

Gave up on the writing, and went to read my criminology text. This chapter is pretty darn boring. Compared to the one on Canadian Law (Law is where my interests lie in this field) and the UCR chapter, this chapter on patterns and correlations in crime isn't very fun.

Burned the three hours away on Windows Live messenger, and Animesuki Forums. I got too hungry to stay in the library so I went to hunt for food. The stores in the cafeteria were closed...so I had to revert back to my grade 12 habits. A bag of chips. Yum. As if I don't have enough health problems already.

Anywho, choir was the usual. Nothing else interesting happened. xD That's all folks.

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