A Day with Kenn 14

10:21 PM

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Well, I didn't think I had anything worth blogging about, so I threw stuff together, to get at least one post in February.

And please ignore the illustration of the octopus in that book. The octo in octopus refers to it's eight arms, which clearly, aren't represented accurately in that artist's rendition. Might call it a millipus. 

Today's lunch. The usual, just with orange chicken, instead of sweet and sour pork. The fried rice was so...dry. Couldn't finish it. Was like eating uncooked grains of rice. The chicken was good though.
Dinner for Kenn. At our place, this is how we usually eat curry: with bread. It's a Vietnamese curry, which is similar to a thai curry. Not too spicy, and well with well balanced flavours. It's a chicken curry from what I could tell. Tasty.

Monday wasn't spectacular, so I didn't bother doing anything yesterday. I've got two weeks left before my Olympic Break starts. Must finish my research paper outline the middle of next week. Do not want to work during the break. e_e Midterm next week too. Criminology is a lot of work. =l

Criminology was rather dull today. The chapter was...rather logical. Not saying that the other chapters weren't, but when the textbook lists ways of preventing crimes like increasing lighting in public places, and reducing or eliminating structures or landscaping that may obstruct vision and create a hiding place for would-be criminals, there's not really much room for discussion. Everyone gets it.

Anywho, I'm working on bringing a new weekly feature into my lineup. To compliment, I'm also working on a new 'KIC' post. You'll see what it is when the time rolls around.

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