A Day with Kenn 18

5:20 PM

Image by Mashiro Momo 

Getting perfect on today's midterm would be wishful thinking. I know I didn't perfect it. But a guy can dream, right?

Breakfast for Kenn. Fried rice. As tasty as it was, I really didn't the green onions scattered amongst the grains of rice and assorted meats. There was something else in there that tasted odd, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it. 

Spent much of the commute up to North Vancouver going over my notes for Criminology. Lots of know for the Midterm. 

Today's crim class felt like it was over in flash. Lots of fairly difficult multiple choice questions, with odd wording that makes you really have to think about what you just read, a few short answer questions that weren't too challenging, and two long (paragraph, multiparagraph) answers. I found that my writing was odd very messy. Messier than usual at least. Hopefully it's legible. My hand cramped up and twitched over and over after the exam. Very, very uncomfortable. 

On the trip back home, I read the next chapter we'd be doing. It reinforced my interest in the Renaissance period. The Age of Reason, Enlightenment, Thought; all referring to the same age. What I love about this period in time is the radical shift of ideology; from feudalism to capitalism, witch hunts to public trials. The predecessors of our modern society mostly come from this age, and I love reading about the origins of what we take for granted. On an unrelated note, Keroro 16 still hasn't come in yet. =3= It should be in sometime this week, as it's been two weeks now. Hopefully it doesn't come in on a bad day like Thursday, which I reserve for working hard on everything.

Anywho, I guess you'd call this lunch for me. Hit up the Dubs again, getting the typical Dubs grub. Teen combo with onion rings and a root beer (not pictured). With the onion rings, you can shove'em into the burger and it'll taste wonderful.

Makes the burger that much bigger though. A bit difficult to eat, though it adds a bit more texture to the burger. Burger looks a bit sad because it got beat up by my Criminology textbook. 

On another note, to celebrate the beginning of the 21st Winter Olympics Games, I'll be doubling up the Song, Vocaloid feature and Manga of the Week installments for this and the next week. Webcomic will remain one a week. 

Speaking of the Winter Olympics, it seems a Polish newspaper seems to have made a bit of a mistake in their choice of image source. For those of you who aren't familiar with the 2010 mascots, Quatchi is on the right (big fur thing), Sumi is at the top (wings), Miga is the black and white thing at the bottom. Muk muk, the small figure beside Miga is a 'side kick', though it's as, if not more, popular than Quatchi. Pedobear is to the right. I assure you that 4chan has nothing to do with the Olympics.

Image by Michael Barrick 

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