A Day with Kenn 16

8:23 PM

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There's really nothing worth blogging about, but I'm doing it anyways, resulting in an amazing and intensely boring depiction of my day.

Breakfast of Saturday. Don't actually know what the funny things are, but they're kinda tasty. Normally sold around the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). Had it with red tea. Tasty, and anything but filling.

Went to a Japanese/Korean restaurant for lunch. Went with my mom and sister. I never really like going to restaurants with my sister because the only thing she likes eating are burgers and fries. She didn't like the 90% of the sushi on her plate. On the other hand, I had a dolsot bibimbap, excuse my spelling. Sizzling stonepot rice dish. Tasty, though I've had better. Very filling. No photos.

Breakfast for Sunday. It's a full meal, for once. Rice, steamed beans with panfried ground beef, and soup. Filling and tasty. Had a coffee with it. 

Spent most of the day at the piano, straining my arm while practicing my pieces. The Sunken Cathedral is getting there, and I only just started Allegro Barbaro. 

This one's a tad bit slow though...

Dinner for Kenn. My dad made it. Century egg, corn, peas, green beans, ground beef, and that hot dog sitting smack in the middle of the bowl. Again, very filling.

Anywho, that's pretty much my day in a nutshell. Only four days of classes left until the Olympic break, also known as 'let's finish all the work so I don't have to do crap for the rest of the semester' to non-music students. "orz

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