A Day with Kenn 15

5:56 PM

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I think I've spent more time on one of those (a bus) for much longer than I was in class. Of course, the buses weren't quite as cool as the one pictured. I don't remember seeings flames coming out one of the headlights either...

Breakfast from a few days ago. Actually, it was yesterdays, that I forgot to put in 14.5. I used to like these sticky rice things a lot when I was younger, though they taste awfully bland these days.

This morning's breakfast. I have to admit, it looks very unappetizing. It's (not sure if that's right. blame Wikipedia if it's wrong), with shrimp, ground beef and Century Egg (皮蛋, trứng bách thảo). The egg was probably my favourite part of breakfast. I'm pretty sure this is a great energy source though. The proteins from the egg, shrimp and beef, along with all the carbs from the rice. 

Tis what the century egg looks like. I think that's what you call it anyways. At home, we usually call it by it's Cantonese name. Yes, I can speak bits and pieces of Cantonese. I speak more Vietnamese and Cantonese than my siblings do.

Nom nom nom. Lunch for Kenn. Burger King again. Whopper and fries. Kicked up the burger with a hit of Sriracha. =3= Remembered to heat up the burger before eating this time.

Not food related, but still worth mentioning. My copy of Cyanide & Happiness arrived on Wednesday, and I just picked it up today. It's not the hard cover edition if you're wondering. I've seen most of the strips in the book, and I had hoped that they included more relating strips, like the seagull head thing. Can't seem to find it on the C&H archive, but those who are readers of C&H should know what I'm talking about.

Still waiting for Keroro 16 though. I'll apologize to Chapters for saying that they were slower than Sakura Media. Speaking of which, on my way out of Chapters, after picking up C&H, I overheard a kid talking to his dad. Unfortunately, for most young, caucasian kids, Sakura Media is the only Japanese merchandise shop they'll ever know for a long time. Hence the reason why they refer to Sakura Media as 'the Anime store'. I cringed a bit when I heard him say that, knowing all too well the contents of his translucent plastic Sakura Media bag. Naruto, or Bleach. One of those two over-rated-Shounen-Jump-flagship series was hiding in there. e_e

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