A Day with Kenn 19

11:49 PM

Image by Kome Kuma  

Last class for two weeks was today. "orz  Still got a carpload of work to do before my break begins.

My breakfast for today was spaghetti. Threw in a sausage (hot dog) for fun, and it ended up tasting really good. Topped with a ground chili paste, Sriracha, and grated Parmesan cheese. Filling in tasty.

This was lunch. Had it a few days ago too. Rice with beans and ground beef. Put too much Sriracha in this time around. Plus my mom had added chili paste in the cooking process, so it ended up super spicy. e_e"

Had this right before I left for class today at five pm. For those who can't tell, it's coffee. Instant coffee with cocoa powder, a bit of sugar, milk and a few drops of vanilla extract. Might've added a bit too sugar. Tasted a tad bit funny.

Speaking of class, today's with Choir. Sang through the first movement of the Requiem, and moved on to the sixth movement, Libera Me. It's a really nice song btw. We skipped the baritone solo, because we don't have a soloist in the choir. Our soloist is the head of the music program I'm in. ^^" Supposedly, he's wonderful, but I haven't heard him sing before. Nice guy.

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