A Day with Kenn 20

10:50 PM

Image from Vancouver 2010 

I believe. Go Canada!

That picture is probably at Capilano Suspension bridge. Afraid to go across it despite it being in relatively close proximity to my school. Heights and Kenn don't mix.

Well, the games are now under way with quite the opening ceremony, despite that mechanical failure.

The floor was awesome. My favourite part of the ceremonies would have to be when they had the orcas (killer whales) swimming. That was absolutely logic defying. Nice to see all the Aboriginal people represented. Especially because it's here in B.C., home to some of the awesome-est of the Aboriginal people. ^^; What other people could hunt whales in canoes?

Here's a friend's video of the flame coming to Simon Fraser University.

Dude, I am so Asian. Breakfast consisted of fried rice noddles slathered in Hoisin sauce and Sriracha, red tea, and some sweets.

I'm not actually sure what some of these things are. For starters, plums on the bottom, grapes at the top. As for everything else in there, I haven't the foggiest. Tasty though. Could be cyanide for all I know.
Surprise. Lunch. I actually had these noodles for every meal of my day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Another look at my workplace. I'm juggling two Criminology assingments, a group project, and a research paper. Using both computers to multitask. Not energy efficient.

I'm also working on composition. The laptop travels with me, though I'm still waiting to purchase Finale. Going to be a pain in the butt to put myself through the tutorial. Maybe I'll do it in the summer. =3=

There's a drum set over in that room. It doesn't look like one at the moment because it's pushed to the side to save space.
As much as I'd like to, I can't play the drums. I can however, clone myself. 

In other news, I'm planning on ordering a horse's head mask sometime soon. Yes, a horse's head mask, and a few other masks. Not many places sell them, and they all seem to be in the UK. Maybe I'll start making YouTube videos once I get them? ;D Who knows.

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