Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 太陽と月のロンド

11:07 AM

Well, this one isn't exactly a Vocaloid song. Discotheque by Mizuki Nana. Covered by Luka and Arata-P. Luka because she looks the most like Moka. ^^; Pink hair, large bust. She's almost the same.

Two songs this week. Discotheque isn't one of them.


A really nice song by Polyphonic Branch. Art by BUZZ and PV by Mieno-hito. Sung by Luka and Miku.

Meteor 36.0

I'm not actually too sure about the title of this. Either it's spelt like that on the video, or the PV has a typo. Song by Lamaze-P. Sung by Yuki.

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