Song of the Week - Sondre Lerche

10:15 AM

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Right, so to celebrate the beginning of the games, and my two week break, there's two songs this week. Just so happens that both songs are by Sondre Lerche (pictured above), so sit back and enjoy his awesome songs.

And yes, I do listen to songs by English artists too. 

Human Hands (Elvis Costello cover)

Yes, it's a cover, and an amazing one at it (though I don't think too many people know that). Can't seem to find the original on YT though.

Title: Human Hands
Artist: Sondre Lerche (Original by Elvis Costello)
Genre: Indie rock, Jazz
Album: Dan in Real Life (Original on Imperial Bedroom, 1982)
Single: N/A
Vintage: 10/07 (Original 02/07/82)

Heartbeat Radio

The music video can make you motion sick, but coupled with the song, it just makes you feel bubbly inside. Bubbly being happy, of course.

Title: Heartbeat Radio
Artist: Sondre Lerche
Genre: Pop, Rock
Album: Heartbeat Radio
Single: Polaroid Pool Party
Vintage: 09/09 (album), Summer of '08 (single)

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