A Day with Kenn 22

8:23 PM

Image by Lin+ 
No photos today. Nothing worth shooting.

 Is that not the coolest wallpaper ever? For those who don't know, it's from the latest Gurren Lagann movie: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Lagann-hen. Yoko's machine is at the front left, while Nia's is in the middle on the right side.

Anyways, had breakfast / lunch and then headed up to practice my pieces for piano. I feel that I've definitely been hitting the chords too hard on Allegro Barbaro. Probably shouldn't practice in full forte. My hand locks in the chord position for a bit after. Not a nice feeling.

Jammed with my cousin and his friend for about an hour after that. Jamming to one of his original songs, 'Puppy love'. It was me on the piano, his friend, on the violin and my cousin on the guitar. Sounded awesome, though I definitely need to acquaint myself with the song. Improvising the whole way, and I don't even know what part of the song their on. I don't think I've ever successfully done the song. ^^; I've got time to work it out on paper though.

Been practicing Gackt's Last Song on the piano too. It's difficult to try and sing and play at the same time. As a Classical pianist, I'm not used to doing stuff like that, let alone improvising and the like. As a composer though, I really need to get better at that.

On another page now, I'll congratulate Maelle Ricker on her gold medal finish for Women's Snowboard Cross, and Canada's second gold medal. I'd also like to congratulate Team Canada's first win in Men's Hockey, dominating Norway 8-0.

Patrick Chan's performance wasn't the best, though it was still good. I believe that he still has another run on Thursday. Let's wish him he best and hope that he wins gold!

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