Weekly Web Comic Feature

9:18 AM

Image by Minami 

Alrighty, so this is the new feature I've been talking about. Web comics are similar to manga, though they're usually not for profit. Often based on popular series, like Touhou, Vocaloid, and anime series like Lucky Star and other things. 

This particular one is Trouble Spirit! by Minami. It's not based on anything; a completely original work. 

You can read it either on his Pixiv account, his personal website, or up on Danbooru.

Title: Trouble Spirit!
Artist: Minami
Genre: Comedy

Description (from Danbooru):
An original 4koma gag series by Minami (the creator of Chibi Miku-san). Once a child turns ten, sometimes part of his or her soul splits off and becomes a tiny spirit. This spirit is the essence of his or her childhood, and will forever stay with him or her as long as he or she lives. Riko Sawatari just happens to have one named Kori, but their relationship turns wacky as she becomes older.

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