A Day with Kenn 23

4:48 PM

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Feel like I've used this image before. Not sure. Spent my day in the library. Fun stuff.

Breakfast for Kenn. Woke up way too early this morning. Got hungry, so I downed a bowl of mueseli. Mueseli is a fairly popular European thing, originally concocted by a Swiss doctor for his patients. I had it with milk, but I figured it'd look a tad bit more appetizing not soggy.

Got up at 6 in the morning. Got hungry again after the mueseli, so I had some of the pan-fried noodles my mom left me in the fridge. I guess you'd call this breakfast number two, since it was still well before noon.

Spent a few hours in the library. Took out some books from the Criminology reserve to do some research for my paper. Didn't have any luck finding any information from the three books I chose, so I brought the question up with the librarian. Spent a good twenty minutes with him going through all the various searches of various databases, coming up with a few good sources.

At a certain part of the library, a tree hangs upside down. I usually sit in front of this area because it has outlets for me to plug my laptop into if I need to. All photos of the library were taken with the webcam on my laptop.

Much to my surprise, the library was nearly deserted. Only a few people were in the library, contrary to my belief that there would be lots of people. I guess people don't want to give up their extended reading break?

The library is probably the nicest building on campus. Most of the books are on the second floor. Much of the first floor is table space for people to work on, and reference. The photos taken on my laptop turned out better than I thought.

I call this modern art. It represents the loop of being stuck in the circle of fastfood. Eventually, you will break loose, though for how long will you be caught in the cycle? Anyways, twas my lunch. The dubs again. Gotta find a healthier, cheaper alternative.

I know this looks kind of gnarly, but it's not all that bad. My parents simply call it 糖水 (tong sui). Not sure what you'd call it specifically, but it's something my parents make a lot. I'm not even sure what goes into it. Beans of sorts, tapioca. That's about all I know. Tasty though.

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