A Day with Kenn 21

6:43 PM

Image by usakou

Mondays. ( ̄へ ̄)

 Breakfast for Kenn. So Asian. Leftovers from yesterday's Chinese New Year hotpot that I didn't take a photo of. On the right is bánh tét, sticky rice spotted with various beans, and a banana going through the middle. It's cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf. It's a traditional New Years food. Bánh tét is popular in South Vietnam, while Bánh chưng is something you'll find more of in the North. My folks grew up in the south, so we more or less aways have bánh tét.

In the bowl is a bit of a sea weed salad, some prunes, more of that odd chinese sweet thing, Rambutan, and a date.

 Izzy asked me how much I got for my 红包 (Lai See). While I won't say how much I got, I will say that I got two pockets.

The red one on the left is from my aunt and uncle, while the one with Snoopy is from my parents.

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