Lasting Memories! Part 1

12:03 PM

This will be a multi-part series comprised of various photos and memorabilia that I've collected over the years of my high school career. I'll try to go chronologically, so the earliest stuff will be coming first. The most recent will be the last.


Hand Elephants. Saw them being made on a video of Nightmare (band) fooling around backstage. I'll try to dig up the video for another entry later today.

BACK-ON (band) was in for Anime Evolution 07. Awesome concert. One of the guys did the gesture, so Ed copied.
More hand elephants. All three of us had one (Jason, Ed and me). I'm pretty sure I drew all three.
Various junk that I got in the bag. Mainly little ads for the various things. There's a Dragon Ball VHS there. Yes, it's ancient. Even then, two years ago, VHS was obsolete.

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