Supreme Court Mock Trial

3:41 PM

Image by Nintendo

Awighty, so today I was downtown in the Heritage Court of Appeal down at the Supreme Courts. The mock appeal went pretty well in my opinion. I was able to put most of my arguements down, but Acting Senior Justice Brock Martland gave me questions that were pretty hard to respond to. The 4 Student Justices also asked some pretty good questions that were hard to answer. The Respondant's arguement had problems in they tried to press the charge of First Degree without solid evidence, so I personally think that it was their problem. Justice Martland asked good questions for the respondant, but the Student Justices didn't really ask too many questions during his time. The question period was a bit iffy. My "questions" weren't really structured like questions. I got my point across to Justice Martland though, so I guess that turned out well. The respondant's Closing Statement was pretty impromptu, but hell it wasn't half bad. As expected of the Valedictorian. Anyways, the appeal went through, and I managed to knock a charge of First Degree Murder down to Attempted Murder, but the sentencing was still 25 to life. My law teacher told me that if I had structured my case more around the sentencing and less around the facts of Attempted Murder, I probably would've had the case in the bag.

Was supposed to be at the Trojan for clean up after school today, but I left the Courts at 2. It takes about an hour or a half hour to get back to school from down town, so I called John to tell the rest that I wouldn't be able to make it back. I really hope he did. I get the feeling he didn't. I probably should've explained my situation to him better. Oh well. Took me an hour to get back. It's nice living next to the termination point of the bus. Especially when that bus goes literally everywhere.

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