Piano Reunion

4:57 PM

Image by maru54

Aights, so today I met up with friends from piano whom I haven't seen in about three years. I got there first, and met up with another friend, who I chatted with while waiting for the arrival of the rest of the people. The usual chat, asked him what he was doing now, stuff like that. Talked about law related stuff. Deanna showed up out of no where and was sort of dragged into the conversation. She seemed out of place. She was. Anyways, decided to go into the shop (TeaWorks) where we found Robyn inside. Apparently she walked in without us knowing. Ninja she is? Still had to wait for Alexis who was running a tad bit late, so we talked at the table. Lots of talk about school and stuff. Alexis got to the place, we put our orders in and chatted more. I had a Green Tea Milk Tea (with Grass Jelly). Very green.

We did lots of chatting. Lots of catching up. Talking about our grad and stuff. Robyn's still a few years off, but the other three of us are done. I had the worst grades there. Not fun. Brought up stuff from way back then that I don't really want to remember. Sexual harassment from a guy is not fun. Especially one 4 years your junior. Not fun. Anyways, the girls made a bunch of jokes and poked fun at me with that. Ahaha, it's been a while since we've all talked. Haven't seen them in forever, and apparently, like everyone says, I haven't changed. Watch me be the same 10 years from now. That'll be scary.

Anyways, we parted ways, and left for home. I was broke, so I walked home. Alexis offered bus fare, but I opted to walk. It's only 23 blocks (about 2 km). Took me an hour. Worth it though. Burnt off some calories.

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