Anime Evolution 2009

11:31 AM

Aights, while I didn't go this year, I had friends who did, and friends who took photos, and friends who shared them photos. And thus, here I present them photos. Staaato desu!
This could be seen as a political statement...I'm sure Miss California wouldn't like it too much.
Tidus and Yuna cosplay. Would've been awesome if Yuna wasn't a guy. Kudos to the guy for pulling that off. His biceps are huge.

Awesome ANBU cosplay. Love the masks. Especially like the Haku mask (second from the left)
Not exactly anime...but funny. I suppose events like these are celebrations of the media arts and internet.
A nice cosplay of Yuffie. Probably better than a lot of people who cosplayed.

A really nice cosplay. Can't tell what it's supposed to be of though. The hat reminds me of Pandora Hearts though.
The first thing I thought of when I saw this was "I'd hit that." It fits too. Not in the way you're thinking of.
Nice cosplay of KH. Must've been a tad bit warm for Sora though.
Shameless self advertisement by Naomi and Kevin. A very nice Soul Eater cosplay (Soul & Maka)
Assassin Cross (Ragnarok Online) cosplay by Naomi and Kevin. Looking awesome as usual guys! Grats again you two!

Credits to Izzy and Naomi for the photos. Thanks!

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