Funky School Day 2

3:07 PM

Image by jumpei

So, this was the last formal day of classes. Realistically, nothing would be able to get done, although there was a geography final yesterday. Awesome because I have two spare blocks on Day 1.

So I got to school at around 10, went to English, where we played cards. Played Big 2 lots, didn't win too often. We played Cheat after. I'm terrible at Cheat. So was Rohin. No on win because the game took too long. Anita had almost every card. So hard to cheat.

Nothing really happened at lunch. Played more cards with Ed and them. John and them went out to get drinks. Drinks, not lemonade or coke. Drinks. ;D

In Law, nothing really happened, other than once again being congratulated by my law teacher was my "spectacular" performance at the mock trial. Yu Feng was drinking in class. Alcohol in a Wendy's cup. Clever. Apparently Darren had only a sip of alcohol and was the only one to get drunk. Then again, it's Darren, so whether he's drunk or not, he's still an idiot.

Free Block rolled around, and John and them went driving in his new car. I opted out, since John had been drinking earlier. And so that's my day. Not entirely the most entertaining time. I'll have something up a bit later as a finale for my shcool year. I actually don't have that many photos. Most of them were on my computer before it got reformatted. Sad face. Lost all those memories. Damn.

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