Funky School Day 1

9:55 PM

Image by Sakumo

Awight, so today was the second last day of classes, so not much got done.

In French, we spent almost all of class watching the French musical, La Notre Dame de Paris, the true version, not that fluffified Disney stuff. Esmerelda dies at the end. Stick that in Walt Disney's pipe and smoke it. The poet had the best voice out of them all. The songs were pretty good, but this one is my favourite. Anyways, Kevin Park was complaining about his near perfect mark on the French project. 23.5/25. Damn man, I got 22. Anyways, he make a fist, and dragged it down his arm, as if he was cutting into it. So I gave him my hobby knife. He used the back end of the knife, since it's shaped like a scalpel, the blade is small and at the top. I told him to take the cover off, and when he did, his eyes bulged. Poor Jeffrey sitting beside Kevin went kinda pale for a moment there. It was a priceless scene.

In History, there were...about 7 people in class. The rest didn't come. Perhaps it was a good idea on their part. Anyways, me and Alvin ended up wasting tonnes of time drawing in my Book of Wundrful, while I also spent time diving into the discussions of Karen and Lucy, resident otaku's and fujoshi, and Lori, caught up in the discussion. They were talking about APH (Axis Powers Hetalia) and other otaku related stuff. Excellent. My specialty. Did I spew out information? No. Leave that to Thomas, our resident fountain of knowledge, happens to be an otaku who's stereotypically an otaku. Awesome discussions.

Thomas: I lack the ability to make women want me.
Mr. V: There's only one way to get a woman to want you.
Kenn: Just get'em stone drunk.
Mr. V: Okay, there's two ways.

That's our drawing of Thomas. Everyone was shocked at me and Alvin's artist's rendition of our large friend. Mr. V and Thomas were both equally shocked at the resemblance.

Biology was quite an eventful class. I sat around with Dwargen and watched him play games on my iTouch. We discussed nerdy and geeky things too.

Anyways, remember in the Marketing Block Mayhem entry where I said that "Darren got in the way"?

Something that John made up. Just follow the instructions, and you've just simplified Darren into a simple hand gesture.

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