Grad Brunch/ Eng Provincial

10:38 PM

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After thinking about it, I figured it was better to seperate that last entry into two. Makes it much easier on the eyes.

Grad Brunch

The brunch wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The word brunch conjures up images of fatty bacon and pancakes, drizzled in a thick sea of sweet Canadian maple syrup. None of that was present. All we had were croissant sandwiches along with sliced fruits, chips, juice and cake. Yes, cake. In the morning? Who would've guessed. Anywho, the sandwiches were interesting. They weren't bad. Weren't extraordinary either. The juice was no different from what I've been drinking for the last 13 years of my life. Juice boxes. But there were exotic blends. I had a Starfruit Melon juice. It was awesome. Darren had a dragon fruit passion fruit mix. Probably was good. Jason and most people had the generic fruit punch. Boring.

After the brunch, we hung around for a bit, as it was "White T-Shirt Graffitti" for the grads. If you have a white T shirt to spare, you could get it signed by all your friends. Ivy said it was a waste of a t shirt. It's bloody hard to write on a t shirt. Even more so when the person's wearing it. I drew on Alex's back, with an Arrow pointing down, towards his ass, and wrote "Insert Here", putting my siggy elsewhere. It was funny and all, but then Alex said "I'm a genius!" and turned the shirt around. Wonderful. Now you've got an insert here in the wrong place. Genius my ass. Anyways, we got there letters that we wrote to ourselves four years ago in grade 8. Ivy read mine and said that I hadn't changed one bit. Probably true.

English Provincial

Wasn't as bad as people said it was. The story and poems weren't the easiest, but I think I did okay. The two last stories were about Santa, so I did my original composition about Santa too. Wrote about how I stopped believing in the jolly old man. Tried to write it like I write my blog to be as entertaining as possible. Hope it flies.

After the exam, I hung around with Ivy and Kevin as we laughed at her. She made a big mistake and didn't budget enough time for the exam, and ending up leaving the most important part empty. She can kiss 30% good bye. Just when I thought she was the only person to do something like that, Sam comes and complains about it. We laughed at him too. More people came around, and I asked them if they made the same mistake Ivy did. She didn't like that too much. She took my iTouch as compensation. I didn't get it back for an hour.

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