Super Bored @ Vancouver

5:19 PM

Image from Wrongwroks

So hooo. My last day in the wonderful 604, and what do I do? Go with my brother down to the Super Bored shop over on West 4th and Pine! Nice place, and cool stuff. My parents weren't too keen on us going, since we're going shopping in Texas anyways, but hey. When the brands @ Super Bored are exclusive, you ain't gonna find'em anywhere else. And so, we were there. After a long bus ride and an equally long walk, we ended up at the shop. Woo hoo. There was a sale going on, anything items for $100. Sound expensive? Could be. If you got 3 $30 shirts, you'd be losing $10. If you were like us, and got 3 $40 items, you just saved yourself $20.

So I got a nice lookin' tee that my parents will hate me for wearing, while my brother got a cap and a retro-lookin' Outerspace shirt. Lots of the shirts I wanted had medium all sold out, so bah. Was a sale on Saturday and Sunday that we couldn't go to. Sad face.

Anyways, my brother went off to a party on his own while I traveled back on a very long busride accompanied only by a persistent headache that plagues me to this very minute. Anywho, I've got photos of the tee that I got, so here they are!

Super Bored's website here.

They've got nice bags there. I bet I looked kinda funky carrying this around.

All the stuff you buy comes in one of these ziplock bags. Nice little thing, because I can throw stuff in the bag without worrying too much about the merchandise.

Awwww yeeee. Awesome tee that my parents will hate me for wearing. Probably couldn't wear it during highschool. Probably would be deemed "distracting".

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