Manga of ze Week - Alive - The Final Evolution

11:27 AM

Title: アライブ 最終進化的少年, アライブ, Alive - The Final Evolution, Alive
Author: Kawashima Tadashi (story), Adachitoka (art)
Genre: shounen, action, supernatural, horror, mystery

Total Volume Count: 18 (ongoing)

Kenn's Comment: A good shounen manga. Nami is love. I see a Nami and Taisuke pairing as the canon in this, but there's also Megumi. And for you yaoi buggers there are some couplings if you really want to think about it. But Nami is love. xD

Summary from DelRey:
A strange virus is making its way around the globe, causing its victims to commit suicide. In less than a week, it's become a lethal pandemic. Now a group of Tokyo teens who have survived the outbreak are wondering why they are still alive.

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