Crashing with Kenn

7:38 PM

image by sutagu

Aights, so Jason, Sam and Christ crashed at my place for a little bit. Sam wanted to see what my house looked like. He's been to my old house, but not my new one. Anywho, Sam's worse than John. John might have touched a lot of stuff, but Sam played with stuff. >( He changed the positioning of my Gundams. Grr.

Anyways, Christ and Sam playfully wrestled on my bed, and I tried to snap a shop of their intertwined bodies, but my camera's too slow. Sam looked at my monitor, noticed a conversation window with Helen was there and proceeded to type in Canto. Didn't tell him she's mando.

Joked around for a bit, as they went through all my stuff. Grad photos and stuff.

On another know, I've got about 2 hours to decide what I want for my birthday. Ivy called me this morning to notify me that I have to think and tell her by the end of today. It's hard when you don't want anything in particular, and you don't want people to be spending money on you. So difficult.

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