Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA

9:02 AM

image by uno

Aights. It's the latest PV from SEGA for the July release of Project DIVA. This isn't actual gameplay just to let you know. Probably one of the PV for a song in the game. Anyways, it's a cute song, and the PV is cute too. Do want.

Anyways, for those of who hoping for a NA release. Give it up. The VOCALOID programs never made it across the Pacific. Only otaku here know who Miku is. There aren't many companies in America that will keep Japanese songs in a game like this. ATLUS and NISA are probably the only two that have the option for Japanese dubbing. Plus, the songs are copyrighted by Japanese people. Porting to America would be one massive pain in the ass. And no. An English dubbing would be like throwing it in the garbage.

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