Marketing Block Mayhem & After School Antics

4:58 PM

Image by Yoshino Gaya

Awight. Let's get this started. So in Biology we played Jeopardy!. Darren told me that the score to beat was 50 000 ish. Anyways, the teacher split the class into teams by giving cards to each person, and the number would indicate your team. It went from A to 6 I think. Anyways, there weren't enough cards, to two people became jokers, or wild cards. I was one of them. So I hunted for the best team, and sure enough, I found it. Dwaargen, winner of a Biology Award, Serena, winner of the Sciences Award, and Marina, a grade 11. Woohoo. The only other team that was "rigged" was probably team 1, which was made up very similarly like ours. Anyways, the questions flew, and we got a few wrong, however, for Daily Doubles we'd wager everything for a double or nothing. Final Jeopardy! too. We ended up with a score of 98 000. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Darren.

Marketing consisted to hastily finishing up the fetal pig dissection assignment. Rena and I talked about graduation. Asian schools usually have their own school anthem, and graduation anthem. This week's vocaloid of the week will probably be (hopefully) one such song. Anyways, she went and google'd up her elementary school in Taiwan, and actually found it. Damn. It's a nice school. Twas a private school. Dayum. Anyways, I decided to google up my school. And shit son. It's so ghetto. "Last updated December 2006". At least have some decency to update it?! Anyways, the calender is in 2009 at least. Just, it's still in March. Holy crap. My old school is poor.

Afterschool, we went hunting for Jason, who was hastily finishing up his animation project. We were going to KFC, so we asked him if he wanted anything. Ed said we wouldn't get him anything if we didn't get his keys (to the house) first. He didn't give them to us. He didn't get any food. Surprisingly though, he got to his house before we got back from KFC. Dayum. Watched Jason, Keith, Darren and the other Jason play TF2, played a bit of Pokemon, and DJ MAX Clazzquai, before going home.

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