All Tuckered Out

8:10 PM

Image by Minami

Awight. Stayed up late studying for a history test and a bio final. What I studied for history made up a small portion of the test. Same goes for bio. I thought that the bio was a tad bit easier, since it's something I'm slightly better at. I'm just hoping that the test doesn't screw my history mark up too much, cuz my mark wasn't too great this term.

After enduring the two grueling tests, the marketing block served a nice reprieve from all the stress. Actually, since it's closed for the year (last day today), we did a bit of money counting and depositing before kicking back. Looking at it now is a tad bit bitter sweet. While we are out of the school, I'll miss those halcyon days in the market. I'll have to take a few pictures of it.

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