Winter Anime Reviews - これはゾンビですか?

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Image heavy post.

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Anywho, enough complaining. The fitfth review is Kore ha Zombie desu ka? An action-rom-com kind of thing. It's one of the series I look forward to every week, along with Madoka, Level E, and Index (not a winter series).
Story wise, it's clear that the series is separated into arcs. The first arc ended only recently, so I think it's safe to say that the series will have two large, overarching arcs, with the smaller sub-arcs and whatnots occuring within them. 

The first arc was the big set up. Introduced the cast, went into the backstory of the main character, showed off a few of everybody's abilities and revealed who the big enemy is. By the second episode, the main cast is already all together, so the rest of the first arc (the next four episodes) develop the main enemy of the arc.
I've had zero problems with the art of this series. In fact, I quite like it. Refer to image above. The use of colour is great, in my opinion. More dreary scenes are usually almost all shades of gray and black, while everyday life tends to feature more vibrant colours, namely blue skies.

Blue skies
Shades of gray
Vibrant colours

The characters are all entertaining. I can't get enough of Ayumu's Eu fantasies, and with all of Haruna's insane antics, I find myself chuckling while going through the funnier scenes. It is a comedy after all. Ayumu's transformation scenes were funny, but they started to get a bit old. Hopefully he becomes a vampire-ninja in addition to the abilities he already has.

Yuki has a brief appearance in the first episode.*
Unlike a lot of harem leads (looking at you Ichika), Ayumu isn't all that bad. He's essentially got two vampire ninjas, one magiclad girl and an extremely powerful necromancer in his harem. Unlike in IS, these girls aren't quite as obvious...well maybe except Haruna (Yuki is a different situation), and the guy isn't quite as oblivious.

Santa's coming to town...on Tanabata
All in all, this is one of my favourite series this season. I've said that with Madoka and Level E, but KoreZom packs great comedy along with a good action and story along with fun characters.

Should also note that the series is streamed on Crunchyroll.

And now, for fanservice.

Fantasy Eu

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