Song of the Week - When the Sunshine Comes

10:45 AM

Kero One ftw!

Title: When the Sunshine Comes
Artist: Kero One
Genre: Indie, Hip Hop
Single: N/A
Album: Early Believers
Vintage: 21/04/09 (ddmmyy)

Kenn's Comment: Hip Hop has been pretty trashy as of late, no thanks to copious amounts of drugs, money, and various references to women, often in degrading ways. Kero One's music tends to be influenced by other kinds of music, especially jazz, which is evident in a lot of his songs.

This one is nice because it goes away from all the talk about drugs and sex (which unfortunately is in a lot of the rap and hip hop music), and instead puts a positive message out there. World would be a better place if there was more positive reinforcement.

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