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;_; I want a better ending.

Title: ×××HOLiC・籠, ×××HOLiC・Ro, xxxHolic
Author: CLAMP
Genre: Seinen, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Serialized in: Kodansha Bessatsu Shounen Magazine
Total Volume Count: 19

Series Description from MangaUpdates:
Watanuki Kimihiro is haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits. Seemingly by chance, he encounters a mysterious witch named Yûko, who claims she can help. In desperation, he accepts, but realizes that he's just been tricked into working for Yûko in order to pay off the cost of her services. Soon he's employed in her little shop- a job which turns out to be nothing like his previous work experience!
Kenn's Comment: A great series up until the end. While many prefer it's more action oriented side story, Tsubasa, I find myself liking Holic a wee bit more. Perhaps it's the lack of every CLAMP character to date appearing one way or another, or maybe it's the distinctive art. The folklore incorporated into the story is great and the character dynamics between Watanuki, Mokona, Doumeki and Yuuko are great.

I don't want to spoil the series too much, but I'll say that I really liked the latter half, right up til they axed their own series. At least we'll get treated to Gate 7, which recently started it's serialized run. The oneshot serves as chapter 00, and comes is a direct prequel to the first chapter. So in this case, reading the oneshot is recommended.

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