Weekly 東方 Doujin - 幻想郷大運動会~二百由旬の一閃~

8:39 PM

Image from Danbooru

Youmu story with the fan backstory to almost every other character out there.

Title: 幻想郷大運動会~二百由旬の一閃~ , Gensokyo Great Sports Day ~200 Yojana in a Flash~
Artist: kuroneko1911a1
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Character: Konpaku Youmu, Saijyoji Yuyuko, et al.

Description from Danbooru: 
Youmu tests the limits of one of her famous spellcards. Youki is also involved.
Kenn's Comment: The art is great and the story, while seemingly simple, includes a lot of the characters, and diving into their stories. I'll admit that I originally shied away from this because of the title. Thought it was just going to be silly fun stuff (which isn't bad), but it turned out to be quite emotional at times. It's quite long so far, and is still going strong even now. At the moment, the story is focused on Sakuya, the maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Didn't know what a yojana was until I looked it up. It's an ancient Indian (where Buddhism has it's roots) unit of measuring distances. I can't really find any sources that give a small range or exact measurement, so I'll say it's anywhere from 13-15 km.Therefore 200 yojana would be 2600 km, using 13 as the value.

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